Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Loot of the Month

Hello to everyone!! Today is my happiest day (yet, haha) coz able to collect my figurines as well as meeting our friends, DJ of Shewsbury Land, Eric of CH-Toynation, Wilson of Drinkin's Boys and Billy of My Gaiden!! I'm pleasured to meet u all at CH last night, haha..

Okay time for some pics of my latest loots:

Revoltech Yamaguchi Sengoku Basara limited White Black Costume Version
Thanks to DJ for this!!! You're awesome bro!

Date Masamune

Yukimura Sanada

Kabaya Optimus Prime: comes in 3 types to collect + candy inside? It's like those Tora Din Dang snacks hehe

Simple Tranformations Shown

NECA Dead Space Isaac Clark Unitology Suit

Bandai 1/60 Perfect Grade (PG) 00 Raiser. Thanks to Eric!!! Very considerate of you :)

That's all for today!! To all the names mentioned, thanks!! you all made my day! I hope you guys dont mind me posting ur names here :)


  1. ZOMG ultimate loot *_* PG 00 raiser,date and yukimura,transformers
    looking forward you build your 00 raiser *_*

  2. Wao.. nice loot!! Too bad i can't make it last night. sob sob.

  3. Wow you got quite a lot of big purchase. :)