Monday, February 20, 2012

Rillakkuma Fever! ^^

Hiya~! ^^ It's been busy with uni tiring.. Anyway :D Here are the amigurumis!^^ It's Rilakkuma! ((リラックマ, Rirakkuma). Actually made this last summer coz my friend want to help me sell them :3 ...but she never did get to me... was i framed.. or maybe it didn't sell.. *depressed..* anyway! :D I can always make them anyway. Hehe here are the pictures!!

Bottle covers + Iphone/Ipod cover ^^

i miss them already.. sniff3 wish i have free time to do more amigurumis..
Here are the real Rilakkuma (リラックマ, Rirakkuma)

nyway! till then! :)
Take care ^^