Thursday, November 25, 2010

Another Bento [Cat] :3

Another Bento released! lol! :P It's my friend's birthday two days ago. Finally had free time to make a bento for her. ^^ The theme is CATS! She soooo love cats. Even her email is like meowwww etc.

Enjoy the pictures :9~

"N N H" is her initials ^-^

^w^ left profile

right profile :9

Not to mention, a gift of course! since it's her birthday. (Actually she requested it..) It's a cat pouch amigurumi! ^-^ its different from the ones i make before. This one have feet!! haha I even put her initials at the back..

back profile ;D

Kitty guarding the bento box! lol XD

Ya, the inside~

That's all to share. :) I hope she likes it :3


Monday, November 22, 2010

Domo-kun Croquette + Sushi ;D

Hi! :D

This is what I did during my weekend... spending.. HOURS!! ..baking/cooking in the kitchen! Haha Jobless right :P

I made Domo-kun croquette! :D Croquette is basically fried food that contain mash potatoes with minced beef. Its kinda like "Begedel" But its coated with breadcrumbs :9~ I found a link that teaches you how to make domo-kun croquette. click HERE, for the link :3 Mine looks.. abit cacat.. Well. Its a start. :P


"EAT ME!!!" haha xD

I added extra ingredients into the croquette to make it tastier :9~


-Egg Yolk
-a bit of salt
-a bit of flour

1) Mash the potatoes and add butter (not so much)
2) Add milk and egg yolk, just a bit to make it to make it creamy and moisture
3) lastly put salt and flour, so that it thickens. But not so much, you want the it to have a moisture texture still. Not too liquid though!
4) Lastly just add the potato mixture with minced beef. Add parsley to make it look healthy. (haha)

Ya... :D The rest is sushi ^^ my housemates help too! thanks girls!! ^^

Not to mention, Chocolate fudge cake :9~ hahahaha totally jobless today. Really had a big dinner tonight. xD

Yummy chocolate saucee~~ MmmmM~~~`

that's about it ^-^

hope you enjoy the pictures~ yumyum! hehe

tata! *wave

Monday, November 15, 2010

Patapon 3 preview XD kya!

I just happen to saw this in Gamespot. It looks so wicked awesome!!! Kyaaa!! Look at video!!

Patapon Official E3 Trailer

Don't they look so cool, with all the new weapons/accessories equipped?? KYA!!

Even the front cover looks so cool... *hearts*

New weapons.

The gigantic patapon. LOL it looks so cute! XD

Multiplayer modes

Look at the horse and the equipments. AHHHH!! I want!!

The story in this game is a bit different from the previous game in patapon & 2.

"Upon completing the bridge they constructed at the end of Patapon 2 the Patapons find a mysterious box. Upon opening seven evil spirits are released and turn all the Patapons to stone except Hatapon. A silver Hoshipon from inside the box revives Hero as Superhero Patapon. They endeavor to defeat the evil spirits."

More like pandora box if u ask me.. :p

This game have so much to offer for. and the visuals looks awesome... @w@ But too bad its still isn't out yet. Please come out now!! I saw some preorders from
HMV at £17.99 and also from GAME but darn!! it's sold out!! except for HMV though.. it stated there it will be released on 29 April 2011.. T-T Mesti sabar..

Oh oh! and also i found this key-chain from ebay. It looks so cute right?? XD

Buy for me, K? ;) Pretty pleaseeeee. *batter eyelashes*. Lol!

that's all to share.

tata! ^^

Friday, November 12, 2010

Onigiri and Bento ;D

I found a new hobby!!! XDDD

hahhaha i found a new hobby other than making amigurumis! (crochet toys). And the good thing, its cute and its edible ;D hahaha I made these today. Well the onigiris last weekend. I just had to show! hehehe ^-^"

Panda Bento box! ;D

*blush* panda. I just added salamis on the cheek to show its blushing :D

Made onigiris too.. ^3^

these are the onigiris i made last weekend :D 4 onigiris plus a bunny! ya... the bunny was random. :P I had extra rice, so i decided to make ears on them XD

side profile... hehehe

I love making these... its so much fun and fulfilling... hehehe not to mention tasty :9 ! hahaha K! i finally know how to make bento! Nanti, when I go back to Brunei, I'll bring bento for you during ur lunch break! hehehe ^-^" i wish...!

the ingredients isnt much.. its just: Eggs, cheese, tuna, mayonnaise, Bread, seaweed, rice, sausage, salamis, crab sticks.. simple right? :P hehe

that's all! ^^

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Domo-kun Amigurumi [pouch] :D

Hi.....! :D

I made Domo-kun amigurumi! XD XD


Well.. to be honest with you.. Its not actually "amigurumi", Amigurumi basically means crochet soft dolls. But i'd like to categorize under it anyway :P It's a domo-kun mobile pouch! XD I made this for my younger sister. She really loves domo-kun. I remember promising her to make a domo-kun plush...(never did it...) SO... i finally decided to make one for her! yay! :D *clap2* (but its still not a plush...) but whatever! :D

Its back profile. *button* :D

Its soooo easy to make :D I'm currently addicted in making pouch... @.@ soooo.... addicted.... Im currently making a panda pouch! :D Its for this charity thing in Leis, finally.. my hobby is put to good use..! x'D


That's all to share :D :D tata *bow* ^^

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Professor Layton: Mask of Miracles [3DS] announced xD

Hi :D

Look!!! XD *sakai*

Hehe! Who would've guessed that a 3DS Layton game would come out! XD i just mention a few days ago, how it'd be weird if there's a 3-D layton. haha. Well.. he's not "physically" 3-D. But the screens are, and the graphics look great! :D

This is the 5th game in the Professor Layton series. Lol the 4th game (Professor Layton: Specter's Flute) hasn't even come out yet [US/UK version] .. But I'm still anticipated about this game, hopefully it will have a good story line. So far..the plot doesn't sound all too interesting to me :P

"Professor Layton and Luke follow Jean Descole to the mysterious Casino City in search of the mask he wears. Casino City was created by the powers of the Mask of Miracle. The Mask of Miracle is known to grant the wishes of its wearer. Layton and Luke must uncover the truth about the Mask of Miracle."

Hrm.. okay. :P

Well, The 4th series tell the story of how Professor Layton and Luke met. That sounds pretty interesting right? This 5th series..hmm.. Hopefully there's a good twist from this game. :P

Here are some screenshots that I found from this site. Link

Mask of Miracles @w@

Look! layton's on a map. That never happen before XD

Looks great! :D

Doing this puzzles makes you feel alot smarter. :P That's why I love Professor Layton game XD Kira loves it too! hahaha

This game is still TBA. But I'm sure it'll come out round the same time, when 3DS consoles are released. Until then. We just have to wait patiently and stare at our laptop every single day waiting for more updates. O.O ...*stare* well that only applies to me. LOL

that's all tata!

K's ;)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tekken Tag Tournament 2... KYA! XD

I can't believe Tekken Tag 2 is coming out! It looks amazing! *hearts* Check link below! XD Still freaking out... kfkljfak!! XD

this is the screencaps i got from kotaku.

... er... ok. "Switch". Hahahahhaahahaha cute. xD

on the downside, its coming out in SUMMER 2011. And that's the JAPANESE version. Still TBA for US/UK. *sniff*

Also, I just checked. Tekken X Street Fighter. That's coming out 2 years later (2012). :'( why Namco, why! So long! T-T

liat pict saja la... *sia sia pun* lol

P/S: I've finished layton game already. XD Im awesome. Hehe! The storyline is so good, a must play. :) and tissue! :'(

that's all. Tata! :D

K's ;D

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Kingdom hearts: Birth by Sleep & Professor Layton: The Unwound Future.. KYAAA! XD

YAY! it's finally here! XD I asked my sister to pick up these. Thanks Kaka :'D Bought them from ETA ;D the price are surprisingly cheap! :D :D *bow to ETA* thank you so much! :D First time buying from ETA.. finally a member there.. well.. not under my name, since my sister's the one who sign it up for me.. But still got a membership card ;D now I will get $10 off for every purchase! Yay! isnt that sweet?? ;D

the pictures... Photobucket

Doesn't Layton look so cool????! XD He's my hero!
"consider this puzzle solved..." xD

And Kingdom Hearts, the booklet says, you can use 3 playable characters, Terra, Ventus, Aqua. I'm so targeting Terra. He resembles Axel somehow.. Mecha Mecha Kawaii~ lol xD But Sister's currently playing it right now. She won't let me play it! :'( *sabar sabar*

yea.... :D that's about it... a must buy from ETA! The professor layton only ONE left tu!!! go buy!!!! hehe. The Kingdom Hearts still banyak stock though..

Professor Layton Unwound Future: $55
Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep: $66

lol, saja promote..

And lastly....


Meet Heart & Slime!! ;D

I made them in the car while waiting to arrive at ppl's houses during raya. Finally finish sewing up, and ta-da :D the heart looks cacat though... T-T *sniff sniff I'll try again next time.


that's all to share. Ta-ta :D

oh oh! and just wana share one more thing again. They are making a 3DS Layton! LOL! XD Layton to the rescueee!! Professor Layton: The Mask of Miracle. Still TBA. I love nintendo..... and sony. :P hehe

K's ;D

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Nintendo 3DS


XD As stated above. This might be old news...but I'll share it anyway :P

it so freakin' awesome xD Really cant wait.. I think its out before April 2011...But that was stated in didnt say anything in E3 website though... click if you're interested.

What i cant wait is the new Nintendogs + Cats!!!!! XD

Cats!! finally they're showings cats!! and the cutest thing is that, the animal will lick you if you get closer to the screen. Awwwww! isnt that cute?? XD

LOOK! ..3-D...*sakai moment* @-@ hehehe

================== copyright E3 ==============

-Nintendogs uses the built-in camera and facial-recognition technology to enable puppies to react to your real-life movements, mimicking your head tilts and jumping up to lick you as you lean in. (KYA! XD)

-The 3-D visuals and the deep interaction offered by the touch screen, microphone and camera of the Nintendo 3DS system make for a deeper emotional connection to your puppies, giving players even greater joy from an already heartwarming experience.

-Everything that made the original Nintendogs great also returns, with multiple breeds to choose from, accessories for your puppies to wear and the ability to let your puppy train and compete in different challenges and activities.

-The game will also introduce cats to the series for the first time.


Ya :D of course, there are other games such as Kid Icarus (Uprising), Metal Gear Solid 3D, Resident Evil... But no no, im waiting for this ;) and also Mario Kart!! ( I love mario kart.... *flails*)

Well, that's about it. I'm glad i didnt buy DSi XL *fuh! :P Im so waiting for this baby to come out! XD I wonder if they're gona make a 3-D Professor Layton.. O-O;;; that would look so weird... haha

tata :D

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Kira's toy

Guess who just bought a new toy :P :P :P :P

Hehe. Its me. K's~ ^^". Kira just bought a new toy from Kai. I met him last saturday! xD yeih. he hasnt updated this blog. Kira blog your toys!

lil..short. update. :P

tata! ^^ good to be back home..

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bunny key & kirby bag amigurumi :D

hi! :D K's gf here. ^^ its been awhile. i was soooooo bz with courseworks. it was hell tiring! But i finally finish with all my work this week ^^ its really a big LOAD off my shoulder. And to relieve my stress. I make dolls of course! xD haha


does this symbol look like a bunny? lol anyways~


Its a bunny...key! :D hahahaha okay. I confess. I actually dont have enough pink yarn to make the body so i use that 'key' as an excuse. It looks...alright...i guess... hehe i got inspired from my hair clip! xD

isn't this hair clip sooo cute??? xD *thumbs

more pictures below ^^

Lastly, this is a kirby bag :D Finally i make something that's useful! ..and cute of course xD I actually made this during easter, but never really had a chance to post here's my chance ;D haha its really simple...

wahh! Kirby's head is open!! looks creepy huh. haha

ta-da~ this is where i keep all my crochet necessities. ^^

yaa.. that's basically it xD thanks for watching.

Kira hasnt blog lately. Please persuade him to blog! LOL