Monday, April 30, 2012

Tony Tony Chopper (One Piece) Phone case + Hat

Here'sss chop-pa~! XD


It's been awhile.. I haven't been doing alot of amigurumis/crafts coz of my Uni work :'( so stressful!! I finally hand in my coursework two days ago, felt so relieved...So to celebrate.. I decided to make crafts! xD (before my other courseworks starts... *sob*)
Here is the craft i made :D It's a phone case for my new phone!! ^__^ I used felt paper and sew it up. It's really really easy! :D but I'm such a n00b, it's my first time doing it's abit messy around the edges... :p Sorry about that.. hehe Enjoy the pictures.

Did I tell you, I loooooooove Chopper? ^______^ He's the most adorable, cutest, most shy-est pet/doctor ever!! xD 

Fits my phone perfectly. ^___^ 

Here is the amigurumi hat i made for my phone!! XD 

Chop-pa~ hat! ^___^ hehehe

LOL...but it only fits half way through... I wanted to make chopper head (face). But i don't have a light brown it remains incomplete...but i still like how it turn out anyway :P it's like my phone's mini hat. hehe!

There you have it~ ^___^ hope you enjoy it. 
Thanks for looking~ take care.

p/s: its so hard to use this new blogger layout. :( miss the old version. oh well.

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