Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Angry bird Amigurumi [keychain]

..Guess who...??

Hehe! it's Angry bird amigurumi! ^^ I made it for my friend's birthday last week. Hehe. Hope she likes it. Its a keychain. Didn't took me too long to make it. Its just the tail that annoys me.. =.= But other than that. Easy :D hehe xD

Cute right? xD hehe. (Actually.. after finishing it.. I feel like i did'nt wana give it to her O:3 ...what??i like cute things too! hehe!) But after many persuasion from my mommy and my boyfie, decided to give it to her in the end. HAHA. I am ikhlas :P)

Anyway~~~~ hope you all enjoy 3-D pictures view of it lol

the tail!!! (TT-TT)

And... that's it!! :D

Here's a mini story between angry bird w my froggy. Hehe!! XD

A: Meet my new friend, froggy!

A: I looooove my new fren froggy ♥ (^w^)

F: Who said that I'm your friend?
A: !!!!! D: *furious* >:(

A: Why you!!!
F: ? :S huh?

A: Geronimo!!!!!!!!

F: Arghhhh...!!!
A: >:3

A: heh..heh... Sweet revenge..

A: *snuggle* xD
F: Ow..sorry... T_T


Hahaha its a lame story. Sorry to have you put up with it :P Anyway, love the angle of the last picture ♥ ^^ that's it. Tata!

Bye~~~~~~~~~~~~ By: Kira's

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Miffy amigurumi

Hi! Finally i got free time to post these pictures up :)) I've been sooo busy with courseworks/projects.. :(( But that's uni life~ gotta live with it. Can't wait to finish my degree in mid June. Yay me! xD *celebrate+dance happily*

Ok~ a lil side track there. ;p Anyway, i manage to make a Miffy amigurumi during easter holidays! Miffy! don't u know miffy?? U know~ the famous bunny who's all over japan?? (urmm..actually im not so sure its all over japan.. but some Miffy stuff are sold in the UK, so it is quite famous :p) Here is a picture of Miffy for those who doesn't know.

Miffy! :D

and here's...

Miffy's FAT version!! LOLLLL. I made a mistake, and end up making it too fat. :p haha xD
But it's still cute right???? haha


I guess you could pretty much tell... I was in the train.. hahaha It was a 3 and half hour journey, so i thought, "oh, might as well, stitch up my bunny!" haha. so ya.. :p

Here finally at my fren's home!!

!! detached head miffy!! haha ya.. trying to make something 'useful' again :p

Another thing i like to show...


Meet Autumn!! :D xD

He's my fren's pet. :D so lucky she has a pet here.. I can't afford one.. T-T oh well.

Lookie! :D Its huge right!! xD hes so cute!!

ya, thats about it.. =D thanks for watching! xD tata

Friday, April 29, 2011

Slime Amigurumi [Dragon Quest]

hi! :D another continuation of my amigurumi project. It's a Slime Amigurumi bottle cover xD This time, I really make this for my sister!! :P hehe!! She's a dragon quest freak. So its logical to make this item for her.. haha But it kinda looks like pocoyo (from puyo pop) damn... =.=



Pocoyo.....!! ja-nai!! its not pocoyo! D'x

But sllime.... ;)))

It look more like Slime-chan right right?? please agree with me... *cry face* lol

More pictures ;D

Its cute rightt :D :D haha But its only compatible to Volvic bottle.. LOL since I use that as my model :P I gave a volvic bottle to her anyway. Hehe!

1 more post on my amigurumi left. and its a FAT one! *pout face* :P

that's all! take care :D

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Duck Amigurumi

Hi! :D it's been ages since i last blog... well...Kira is even worse than me. :P haha I've been busy traveling these last few weeks.. And in those journey, I manage to do some amigurumis. hahaha. Talk about jobless.

Meet Ducky-chan! :D or...Chicky-chan.. My friends couldn't tell whether its a duck or a chick. haha

Here it is! :D

..... This actually isn't the finish product. I couldn't decide what to make the eyes. Either craft eyes..

or squinting eyes...

(hahaha you can see my luggage there. I was on the train :p)

or sleepy eyes.....

Or happy eyes!! ^^

I asked my sister.. She said the happy eyes looks cuter. So the happy eyes wins!!! In the end, i gave this to my sister.. hahaha I never seem to make crochet things for myself... weird...

I placed the ducky-chan next to her wedding photo :)

Hope you enjoy the photos! More to come though :P haha

tata! ;)

Monday, February 21, 2011

Pikachu Amigurumi [water bottle cover] ^^

Hiya. I made a pikachu cover =D Hehe I made it over the weekend. I just think my water bottle looks so dull. Just feel like i want to decorate it a bit. So i decided make it! ^^ Its also a stress reliever from doing work from uni. *fuh. =D

meet Pikachu!! "yo..! I mean.. Pika-pi!" :p

more pictures!

"check out my side-profile ;)"
"No...don't go..! i was just kidding"
"you're hard to impress eh.."
"i'll show you something cool!!"

"Ta-dah!!" :D
"noooOOoo..don't leave me..!"

"Hmph! its okay. I don't need you!"

"I've got my new friends ;) so long!!"

LOL. Man.. this story is so lame... hahaha I just feel like the need to use all the pictures i took from my camera. *innocent face* hehehehehe ^^"

If you can see clearly, i actually sew a button there to close the cover. ^^

Ya..that's about it. :) thanks for watching! ^^ *wave

Btw, I like this angle of this picture. Pikachu looks cute ^^ (before i sew it up) hehe

tata! ^^