Monday, February 21, 2011

Pikachu Amigurumi [water bottle cover] ^^

Hiya. I made a pikachu cover =D Hehe I made it over the weekend. I just think my water bottle looks so dull. Just feel like i want to decorate it a bit. So i decided make it! ^^ Its also a stress reliever from doing work from uni. *fuh. =D

meet Pikachu!! "yo..! I mean.. Pika-pi!" :p

more pictures!

"check out my side-profile ;)"
"No...don't go..! i was just kidding"
"you're hard to impress eh.."
"i'll show you something cool!!"

"Ta-dah!!" :D
"noooOOoo..don't leave me..!"

"Hmph! its okay. I don't need you!"

"I've got my new friends ;) so long!!"

LOL. Man.. this story is so lame... hahaha I just feel like the need to use all the pictures i took from my camera. *innocent face* hehehehehe ^^"

If you can see clearly, i actually sew a button there to close the cover. ^^

Ya..that's about it. :) thanks for watching! ^^ *wave

Btw, I like this angle of this picture. Pikachu looks cute ^^ (before i sew it up) hehe

tata! ^^