Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright 3DS

This might be old news.. but i'll share it anyway. :p

Professor Layton VS Gyakuten saiban

"The culprit is you!!"

3DS has announced a crossover game between Professor Layton and Phoenix Wright! XD KYAA!! What better pleasure of playing with TWO puzzle game collaboration!! Phoenix Wright isn't really a puzzle game..but it does involve critical thinking :p Both of my favorite game in 1 game..

here's the trailer ;D (with sub!)

Even the banner looks cute!! xD collaboration!! hehe

You'll get what the story is about once you watched the trailer.. The story revolves around a girl who's fate is destined by a book. So they both help to uncover the mystery. :)

Here are a few pictures i found.

looks great..

But unfortunately, this game is only limited to JAPAN! :'( *SOB. But surely, they will try to remake it to English.. I don't think US and Europe fans would stand still and not do anything about it. Lets hope and pray!!

k..gotta continue back revising..have exams..T-T tata! :)


  1. It's not limited to Japan, they have never said Japan only. All they have said is that there are no plans in the works as of yet. Big difference there, the game isn't even out in Japan yet so they wouldn't start planning to bring it here just yet. Capcom wouldn't be stupid enough to miss out on the huge profit awaiting overseas.

  2. i know right!! surely they would translate. Its such a miss! :s There are also debates going on in gamespot saying they should release it in US/Europe! please capcom >.<