Monday, February 14, 2011

Neko Hat Amigurumi

Hi! :D

To tell you the truth.. I've been having exams slump for more than a month. I was really stressful and exhausted.. T-T So.. to release my stress, I did some crocheting of course!! :D ;D

I made this right after I finish with my project. It's a Neko (Cat) Hat!! :D I always wanted to make one. I finally did it.. ^^

Neko hat!! :D

"yo! i'm neko hat!" lol
"ching" xD

Haha this time, im not making a plush doll. Now im kinda targeting a cosplay-ish projects i guess. hehe, I actually showed to my dad, from afar, my dad was like, Is that a Santa's hat?? LOL. NOoooooOooo, its a neko hat daddy!! hehe

here's the draft i drew on paint, before i made it

"..." xp

its cute rightt :D :D right?? *force you to smile* haha
that's all to show :)

thanks for watching ^^ *wave


  1. I wish I can have this hat... sigh... you make me envy and jealous.... huhuhuhuhu.... I'm jealous!!!

  2. aww i just read this. No problem. ^^ During holidays maybe. hehe.

    1. Hello, how are you? I was wondering if you could post the pattern of this hat, I like it so much that I want my mother to make me my own neko hat, I ask you please, thank you very much for your time, good luck and goodbye.

    2. Hiii. I don;t have a pattern for it unfortunately.. But you can tell your mom, it's quite easy to make actually :) like, you make a semi-circle, (according to your head size) then , just sc all around. And change colour :) It's really simple actually.. hehe. And the two ears, if you want more detail, just let me know~