Monday, January 10, 2011

Dragon Ball Amigurumi - Son Goku

First of All, I'd like to say...

Happy Birthday to my bf, Kira!!! ^^" Well..."belated". His birthday was on the 7th Jan. Hehe This gift is a lil late. *bow* Sorry Kira!

Here's your birthday gift!! :) Goku plush for your room xD you can put it next to your medicom Goku + Saiyan. hehe!!

"Yatta! i found one dragonball!!" xD

Here are the rest of the pictures.

"hehe! Mine mine mine!" lol


I used an ink pen for the back. I didn't have a marker. A marker would probably look better..

Then Ta-da!! ^^ Goku!!

To me, The Hair was the most challenging part, and also the shoes...! Ya.. Also, the dragonball star. Im not good at making star :S So i end making just 1 instead of 4 :P Well it was fun to make. ^^ I hope you like it!!

ya.. that's about it. hehehe Hope you enjoy the pictures! ^^ Tata!

Goku wants to say "bye-bye" too! Hehe!

"bye bye :D"



  1. Wow very creative and awesome bday gift for Kira... that is extremely lovely....

  2. hehe thanks!! ^^ i did my best. hehe

  3. Fantastic! GOku look so cute and lively. Well done!

  4. Hi, I loved it, you did a great job, I think the hair is very difficult.My boyfriend want a Goku too and I looking for some patterns. Can you share your pattern? Thank you.

  5. Hi! :D I dont have the pattern unfortunately :S i just edit here and there. What i did was, I made a semi circle for the hair base, then I made few small cones, to make his hair spikey :D and i just sew them up. ^^ Ya. and i add few cotton inside them as well :) Hopefully yours turn out well! All the best! :)

  6. Oh my god!!!! I love Dragon Ball and you have made a very nice job!

  7. awww thanks!! ^_^ hehe i did my best! XD

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  9. hello, would know more or less how many laps explain this made ​​the head of goku and more, esque this is the most beautiful thing I've seen and I like it a lot :D thanks.