Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Simple bento =p

Hi! Happy New year!! ^^

This blog is empty. I feel like i need to post something, since its new year. Hehe, I made this bento for my friend, before she left to Kent :'( I miss her already. She requested sushi.. But we ran out of seaweed :S So I end up making her this. Its so random, and antam2. Lol but she said she likes it :D *whew* LOL

if you notice, i made heart shaped sausage on the side. LOL ketara ka?

It looks kinda dull without the seaweed, huh? :S Also, my skill is boring. I keep making the same pattern.. Next time, i'll experiment, and try something new ;D

that's all! Tata! ^^

p/s: 2 more days till Kira's birthday!! hehe!! xD


  1. simple but still looks yummy... now im hungry... jadi tikus dulu meruah dapur :3 *kurasas2*

  2. hahahaha XD i take that as a compliment. Despite ada tikus running around the dapur. LOL thanks!! ^^