Thursday, November 25, 2010

Another Bento [Cat] :3

Another Bento released! lol! :P It's my friend's birthday two days ago. Finally had free time to make a bento for her. ^^ The theme is CATS! She soooo love cats. Even her email is like meowwww etc.

Enjoy the pictures :9~

"N N H" is her initials ^-^

^w^ left profile

right profile :9

Not to mention, a gift of course! since it's her birthday. (Actually she requested it..) It's a cat pouch amigurumi! ^-^ its different from the ones i make before. This one have feet!! haha I even put her initials at the back..

back profile ;D

Kitty guarding the bento box! lol XD

Ya, the inside~

That's all to share. :) I hope she likes it :3



  1. hehe thanks!! ^^ i just show it to her, she's so happy, so happy that she lost concentration in lecture 0-0; haha

  2. cat pouch amigurumi red color - I want!!!! :-( - LOL everything also I want... hahaha

  3. hahaha u want another request? ;D no problem hehehe i'll think of something ^^