Friday, November 12, 2010

Onigiri and Bento ;D

I found a new hobby!!! XDDD

hahhaha i found a new hobby other than making amigurumis! (crochet toys). And the good thing, its cute and its edible ;D hahaha I made these today. Well the onigiris last weekend. I just had to show! hehehe ^-^"

Panda Bento box! ;D

*blush* panda. I just added salamis on the cheek to show its blushing :D

Made onigiris too.. ^3^

these are the onigiris i made last weekend :D 4 onigiris plus a bunny! ya... the bunny was random. :P I had extra rice, so i decided to make ears on them XD

side profile... hehehe

I love making these... its so much fun and fulfilling... hehehe not to mention tasty :9 ! hahaha K! i finally know how to make bento! Nanti, when I go back to Brunei, I'll bring bento for you during ur lunch break! hehehe ^-^" i wish...!

the ingredients isnt much.. its just: Eggs, cheese, tuna, mayonnaise, Bread, seaweed, rice, sausage, salamis, crab sticks.. simple right? :P hehe

that's all! ^^

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