Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Domo-kun Amigurumi [pouch] :D

Hi.....! :D

I made Domo-kun amigurumi! XD XD


Well.. to be honest with you.. Its not actually "amigurumi", Amigurumi basically means crochet soft dolls. But i'd like to categorize under it anyway :P It's a domo-kun mobile pouch! XD I made this for my younger sister. She really loves domo-kun. I remember promising her to make a domo-kun plush...(never did it...) SO... i finally decided to make one for her! yay! :D *clap2* (but its still not a plush...) but whatever! :D

Its back profile. *button* :D

Its soooo easy to make :D I'm currently addicted in making pouch... @.@ soooo.... addicted.... Im currently making a panda pouch! :D Its for this charity thing in Leis, finally.. my hobby is put to good use..! x'D


That's all to share :D :D tata *bow* ^^

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  1. can share me the graph of doing it??really need it!Thanks!