Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Duck Amigurumi

Hi! :D it's been ages since i last blog... well...Kira is even worse than me. :P haha I've been busy traveling these last few weeks.. And in those journey, I manage to do some amigurumis. hahaha. Talk about jobless.

Meet Ducky-chan! :D or...Chicky-chan.. My friends couldn't tell whether its a duck or a chick. haha

Here it is! :D

..... This actually isn't the finish product. I couldn't decide what to make the eyes. Either craft eyes..

or squinting eyes...

(hahaha you can see my luggage there. I was on the train :p)

or sleepy eyes.....

Or happy eyes!! ^^

I asked my sister.. She said the happy eyes looks cuter. So the happy eyes wins!!! In the end, i gave this to my sister.. hahaha I never seem to make crochet things for myself... weird...

I placed the ducky-chan next to her wedding photo :)

Hope you enjoy the photos! More to come though :P haha

tata! ;)

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