Friday, April 29, 2011

Slime Amigurumi [Dragon Quest]

hi! :D another continuation of my amigurumi project. It's a Slime Amigurumi bottle cover xD This time, I really make this for my sister!! :P hehe!! She's a dragon quest freak. So its logical to make this item for her.. haha But it kinda looks like pocoyo (from puyo pop) damn... =.=



Pocoyo.....!! ja-nai!! its not pocoyo! D'x

But sllime.... ;)))

It look more like Slime-chan right right?? please agree with me... *cry face* lol

More pictures ;D

Its cute rightt :D :D haha But its only compatible to Volvic bottle.. LOL since I use that as my model :P I gave a volvic bottle to her anyway. Hehe!

1 more post on my amigurumi left. and its a FAT one! *pout face* :P

that's all! take care :D


  1. THat's cute. especially the face

  2. haha thanks!! xD i tried my best!

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