Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Angry bird Amigurumi [keychain]

..Guess who...??

Hehe! it's Angry bird amigurumi! ^^ I made it for my friend's birthday last week. Hehe. Hope she likes it. Its a keychain. Didn't took me too long to make it. Its just the tail that annoys me.. =.= But other than that. Easy :D hehe xD

Cute right? xD hehe. (Actually.. after finishing it.. I feel like i did'nt wana give it to her O:3 ...what??i like cute things too! hehe!) But after many persuasion from my mommy and my boyfie, decided to give it to her in the end. HAHA. I am ikhlas :P)

Anyway~~~~ hope you all enjoy 3-D pictures view of it lol

the tail!!! (TT-TT)

And... that's it!! :D

Here's a mini story between angry bird w my froggy. Hehe!! XD

A: Meet my new friend, froggy!

A: I looooove my new fren froggy ♥ (^w^)

F: Who said that I'm your friend?
A: !!!!! D: *furious* >:(

A: Why you!!!
F: ? :S huh?

A: Geronimo!!!!!!!!

F: Arghhhh...!!!
A: >:3

A: heh..heh... Sweet revenge..

A: *snuggle* xD
F: Ow..sorry... T_T


Hahaha its a lame story. Sorry to have you put up with it :P Anyway, love the angle of the last picture ♥ ^^ that's it. Tata!

Bye~~~~~~~~~~~~ By: Kira's


  1. Damn!!! This is outrageous!!! You are insanely creative and talented.... this is certainly awesome... hope someday u can make something for Shewsbury Land also ^__^

  2. hehe! thank youuu *blush* xD no problem. When i get back to Brunei, i'll be sure to make one. :D I like making these for ppl so its okay xD