Thursday, September 16, 2010


Kingdom hearts: Birth by Sleep & Professor Layton: The Unwound Future.. KYAAA! XD

YAY! it's finally here! XD I asked my sister to pick up these. Thanks Kaka :'D Bought them from ETA ;D the price are surprisingly cheap! :D :D *bow to ETA* thank you so much! :D First time buying from ETA.. finally a member there.. well.. not under my name, since my sister's the one who sign it up for me.. But still got a membership card ;D now I will get $10 off for every purchase! Yay! isnt that sweet?? ;D

the pictures... Photobucket

Doesn't Layton look so cool????! XD He's my hero!
"consider this puzzle solved..." xD

And Kingdom Hearts, the booklet says, you can use 3 playable characters, Terra, Ventus, Aqua. I'm so targeting Terra. He resembles Axel somehow.. Mecha Mecha Kawaii~ lol xD But Sister's currently playing it right now. She won't let me play it! :'( *sabar sabar*

yea.... :D that's about it... a must buy from ETA! The professor layton only ONE left tu!!! go buy!!!! hehe. The Kingdom Hearts still banyak stock though..

Professor Layton Unwound Future: $55
Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep: $66

lol, saja promote..

And lastly....


Meet Heart & Slime!! ;D

I made them in the car while waiting to arrive at ppl's houses during raya. Finally finish sewing up, and ta-da :D the heart looks cacat though... T-T *sniff sniff I'll try again next time.


that's all to share. Ta-ta :D

oh oh! and just wana share one more thing again. They are making a 3DS Layton! LOL! XD Layton to the rescueee!! Professor Layton: The Mask of Miracle. Still TBA. I love nintendo..... and sony. :P hehe

K's ;D