Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tekken Tag Tournament 2... KYA! XD

I can't believe Tekken Tag 2 is coming out! It looks amazing! *hearts* Check link below! XD Still freaking out... kfkljfak!! XD

this is the screencaps i got from kotaku.

... er... ok. "Switch". Hahahahhaahahaha cute. xD

on the downside, its coming out in SUMMER 2011. And that's the JAPANESE version. Still TBA for US/UK. *sniff*

Also, I just checked. Tekken X Street Fighter. That's coming out 2 years later (2012). :'( why Namco, why! So long! T-T

liat pict saja la... *sia sia pun* lol

P/S: I've finished layton game already. XD Im awesome. Hehe! The storyline is so good, a must play. :) and tissue! :'(

that's all. Tata! :D

K's ;D


  1. xD i know! i can just imagine all the combos i'll do.. @w@