Monday, January 11, 2010

Hot Toys update

Hello there, happy monday!! Classes will start today for universities in Brunei, good luck students! and thanks to all of you who have greeted my belated birthday, may god bless you!!

Okay, here are some pics i found online courtesy of battlegrip.

Iron Man Mech Test Version

King Leonidas from 300 and T800 from T2

What do you think? notice that King Leonidas has a 2nd headsculpt(yay!). These figures will be released around march to may 2010! Thanks for reading my blog and stay tuned for some reviews of my HT! thanks!!


  1. zomg arnold as terminator @_@ my hero when I was kid remeber saw him

  2. oh yeah why leonidas have 2 face because in the film he got scar right near his left eye remember when fight with giants

  3. haha moemekyun! yeap Arnie is everyone's hero! i miss his holywood days but now HT is bringing back the sweet old memories, i just hope he'll be back for Terminator Salvation sequel.

    And for Leonidas, i need to watch 300 again! i missed/forgotten all the fine details and the story itself. watched meet the spartans few times, so my recollection on 300 are kinda somewhat mixed. HAHA.

  4. no wonder you watched meet the spartans LOL ^^;;
    and yes arnie is everybody hero hope he'll be back in the sequel
    "I'll be back"