Saturday, January 2, 2010

Early 2010 loot

Happy Weekends! and Happy New Years to all. I just wanna keep this post simple as it can be. But before that, i forgot to post some more of my toys while I was in Singapore! here it is:

"kuchi kuci kuchi~"

They are cute Dragonball figurines and some Final Fantasy Dissidia figurines.
I shall post them individually in the near future!


here's my first loot of 2010!!

Hot Toys
Terminator Salvation: Marcus Wright (thanks to bro Taga for poisoning me, hehe) from Go6Figure!!

and MG Gundam Astray Gold Frame from Simply Gundam!

Enjoy your weekends!!


  1. nice get! my first 2010 loot will come end of this month heheh.. cant wait

  2. Hahah Thanks, yeah! gogogo, It'l be GunPlas kan? hehe

  3. Wow! Nice dragonball figures!