Monday, January 18, 2010

Atashi Amigurumi

Okay. This is random. I actually wanted to show this earlier. But I was lazy...(and somewhat embarrass ^^") lol. I actually have a hobby to make amigurimis ^^" So just wana share~

This is Atashi! :D (from chobits) I tried my best to make a lookalike of her. ^^ Its was kinda hard, coz of the ears.. I was tempted to make the ears longer..hahaha but naah.. maybe next time.

"Chi..." xD

The quality isn't that good..coz i use cheap wool :s oh well :D

--reference--- lol xD

huhu...actually, im tempted to buy this..

isnt she so cuuute? T-T Actually, me and K went out last time, sekali, we jumpa this figurine! Was tempted to buy..tapi macam reluctant jua. In the end inda bali *sob sob*. Nyasall.. ~ D'x sabar sabar... oh well :D at least i got atashi. lol!

That's all :D Tata ^^

P/S: This K's , not Kira. XD *wave* ^^


  1. Which one? Chi? I think it was in VV Kimas, Mall.. Not sure whether its bootleg or not

  2. take closer picture I will help you check it's bootlegs or not
    -figure's face