Saturday, January 23, 2010

Kirby amigurumi

Hehe, made another one ^^ I was so bored and got nothing to i made this :)

Its Kirby :D :D xD im sure everyone knows Nintendo's cute little critter~ xD Actually, i wanted to make jigglypuff at first, i was about to! but i just realised, i dont have aqua felt colour for jigglypuff's eyes *-* nyeh~ oh well :D

Meet Kirby! :D

hrm...what should i do today..

guess ill go for a walk.

ara..?? its haro-chan ! haro - chaaan~ *wave*

hisashiburi haro-chan.
hisashiburi kirby-chan.

*hug&hug* ^^


hisashiburi mi-na~ Atashiwa haro-des~~ haro-des~~

LOL. jobless much. Yeap~ i actually made Haro too. Honestly.. i think he looks weird :P

Haro-chan: !!!!! T-T

LOL. XD But its true. You know. I showed it to my siblings. They were like "who's that?" T-T huhuhu. At least they know Kirby..

That's all :D Thanks for watching ^^ *wave*


  1. oh my so cute *_*
    jigglypuff do want

  2. hehe thank you moemoekyun ^^ yup yup someday ill make it! >xD kirbys gona have a new fren! hehe

  3. you made it?? I want that Haro!! then put in my car and pretend be Lockon Stratos hee:D

  4. K's :3 did, i think we should do request LOL!

  5. Lol! xD I can make it ^^ (--,)v the haro so easy to make xD