Sunday, October 11, 2009

New toys ! :D

Hi there! ^^ bought new toys! yay! *clap clap*

Ermm... I'm not K :D I'm K's affiliate! lol xD a.k.a. his gf ^^". haha. Hrm. I was walking my way to town, I've been living here for like 1 year! And i just realised they have a toy store here! How dense is that ? -_-; anyway. :D So i bought these babies. *slurp* haha




Megatron: "I..AM...MEGATRON! D:<" Sugei! Sugei!! xD

hehe, another thing that i found is this. 'Final Fantasy Trading Arts Vol.1 - Squall Leonhart'. I actually found this in a game store. :D there's also Yoshi(from Mario) and Rabbits (from Rayman Raving Rabbits). But... I'm broke! T-T; damn it!


So...squall it is! :D xD

-squall xD- (ignore all annoying objects behind tq xD)

So hot! lol

hehe that's all here!

Hope to buy more soon >.> damn it K! your fault! starting to like figurines too. (male ones. lol! ) xD


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