Thursday, October 15, 2009

Poor Packaging

Below is a sample of poor packaging done by a seller's brother (according to him) and look what had happened to be package..

I was really sad and shocked when i saw this the first time...

Received in such condition..??? Is this an act or what??

Imagine 10 boxes packaged without sort of safety cushion

All the boxes are pretty damaged and i found out all the mini character for the robo ones are missing? lost or stolen?
I am speechless, these arrived at the end of september. I bought it 3-5 day before it arrived and used EXPRESS POSTAGE! Sure is express.. but look at the condition.. good thing my Hot Toys arrived.. at least its keeping me happy... I don't know which party to blame.. this is my 2nd issue with postal services here.. last time even my psp was missing (FFVII:AC limited edition).. Only box and charger.. SO:

Item = Bullsh*t
Mood= ruined

FINAL VERDICT = NEVER BUY FROM UNRECOGNIZED SELLERS! and think twice of using local postage!


  1. omg.. thats pretty bad D:
    and hows they received it in that condition O_o
    the wrapper are teared apart.. how the hell is that happened???? and the contents of all boxes missing D:, got conned? or something else?

    Where u buy it online bro??

    I feel sorry for ur PSP D:... thats is really bad experience...

    I often buying stuffs/kits online.. but I havent facing things like this yet.. I look for the seller info yet if I want to make purchase.. (in forum) see their succesfull trade, read the feedback bout him.. ask ppl that has trade with him before etc etc...

    this makes me more carefull when buying online..

  2. I blame the packaging, because the seller said.. the brother did it, he should put the boxes in one big box with paper or bubble wraps inside..

    And I did research on him.. all good feedback were given.. sometimes luck is just not on my side hahah.. But i believe good packaging leads to safety of the item.. even if its damaged..