Thursday, October 29, 2009


*fuwahh! :D


After reading 103 chapters in one day, i feel goooooooooood! xD lol. I think i've accomplish something. haha But K still think I'm a n00b -_-; ....... Photobucket TT^TT

hehe, the manga that I read was Fairy Tail ^^. I mean! I did read a few chapters before back. (6 chapters i think). But.. i stopped. It was a stupid reason why i stopped. Bcoz... i think Erza looks 'hot' (meaning, warm in that thick armor suit.. lol!)

Anyway, I managed to have time to read it again. And its damn good! :) well.. maybe its too quick. I mean, right after chapter 50 theres a big war already! *spoiler* lol. Nyeh. Oh well :I

seriously love this pict! xD "we're from fairy tail!" ...well. in the manga it stated there. Not sure about that kanji written there xD

that's all :D All you ppl must watch/read fairy tail! ^^ *psst. Including you K!* :p

p/s: new toy coming up from K xD *clap clap* cant wait. Hope it doesnt end up in smithereens like the keroro toys. TT^TT *nauzubillah*


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