Monday, September 28, 2009

Hot Toys MMS DX01The Joker (Police Version)

Hot Toys MMS DX01The Joker (Police Version) has been released a few days ago in HK.. these are pictures taken from toy-world hk.. enjoy..

To celebrate Health Ledger won the Best Actor in a Supporting Role at OSCAR with his brilliant performance in The Dark Knight as The Joker, Hot Toys decided to issue a very rare version of this character to enrich your collection. It will be The Police Officer version comes with a clean face painting and dressed in Police Officer costume.

The debut of MMSDX series is THE JOKER from the Dark Knight movie:

- Hot Toys True Type figure with over 35 points of articulation
- Stands approximately 12 inches / 31 cm tall
- Dressed in Gotham City police suit, hat, Gotham City cop badge and shoes, the characters wears for assassination scene in the movie.
- Weapons-M1 Garand Rifle
- Additional costume: Improved & movie-accurate Joker costume of an overcoat, sport coat, vest, shirt, tie, pants, belt, socks and shoes, with grenades rig and suspenders
- Weapons and accessories: Five pieces of grenades, knife, pistol and Joker cards
- Seven Interchangeable posing hands
- An interchangeable and new make-up Joker head featured with Parallel Eyeball Rolling System (PERS) and colored Translucent Iris.
- Deluxe figure stand with LED lights

PERS Eyeball System; a new eyeball movement system for Hot Toys DX series..

PERS is a brand new technique applies to Hot Toys MMSDX figurines, special features include:
- Unique designed eyeballs with colored Translucent Iris
- Simultaneous Positionable Eyeball Function
- Work in all direction, as natural as human eyes

This is how the PERS System works:

I can't wait 'til mine to be sent.. I'l post my own pictures and reviews once i get my set.. Have a good day..

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