Saturday, October 31, 2009

Utada Hikaru live tour US/UK 2010

*squeal********* XD !!

I cant believe it! Utada Hikaru gona perform live in London on the 12th FEB! Kyaaaaaaaaa!! This is so awesome!! Finally.... I have a purpose here in Uk.... x') lol


As so the rumour says... *roll eyes*. But I hope she does :D !! ^^ As stated from MuuMuse....

Japanese superstar Utada will be touring under Live Nation stateside (AND at least one date in the UK) beginning in January of next year.

Utada’s UK concert will take place at O2 Academy Islington on February 12th.

Tickets for Utada’s London show go on sale November 13th at 9AM. Ticket prices start from £20.

Damn. That's on a friday... I might have to skip my lectures then... or ask my darling sister *batter eyelashes* to buy the tickets for me. Lol! That's so damn awesome :D xD didn't expect a live tour here in the UK :D

hehe that's all~


Thursday, October 29, 2009


*fuwahh! :D


After reading 103 chapters in one day, i feel goooooooooood! xD lol. I think i've accomplish something. haha But K still think I'm a n00b -_-; ....... Photobucket TT^TT

hehe, the manga that I read was Fairy Tail ^^. I mean! I did read a few chapters before back. (6 chapters i think). But.. i stopped. It was a stupid reason why i stopped. Bcoz... i think Erza looks 'hot' (meaning, warm in that thick armor suit.. lol!)

Anyway, I managed to have time to read it again. And its damn good! :) well.. maybe its too quick. I mean, right after chapter 50 theres a big war already! *spoiler* lol. Nyeh. Oh well :I

seriously love this pict! xD "we're from fairy tail!" ...well. in the manga it stated there. Not sure about that kanji written there xD

that's all :D All you ppl must watch/read fairy tail! ^^ *psst. Including you K!* :p

p/s: new toy coming up from K xD *clap clap* cant wait. Hope it doesnt end up in smithereens like the keroro toys. TT^TT *nauzubillah*


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Nyan koi! xD

Hi! :D

Alright. So I'm bored. Hehe bf's been busy this week. So here I am to fill it in ^^ No, not toys. Maybe next month. haha ;) Just wana share this cute random anime I watched! xD

Nyan Koi!

I seriously think, this anime is sooooo adorable! Since, it's about cat! *kya* xD Even the title of the anime sounds cute doesnt it?



Basically this guy...

Junpei Kosaka a is high school student who hates cats and also allergic to them! Unfornately, this girl (Kaede Mizuno, light brown hair) whom he has a crushed on.. adore cats! lol!

The story goes on, as he was walking back from school, he accidentally kicked a can to deity god cat statue. So in return, he's cursed, and now he's able to understand cat languange! hehe. On top of that, he has to make 100 deeds to cats, otherwise he'll turn to a cat and choke himself to death! rofl! (since hes allergic to them)

lol. Yea... so thats how the story goes. The story is kinda typical though. But still, its cute! espicially the kitty cats! hehe

that's about it. xD

another random pict i wana show.









Is this picture freaky or what?? LOL.

tata ^^

"Please watch it~ T^T" lol

Friday, October 16, 2009

Hot Toys Iron Man Mark I part 2

Continuing on my previous post, Here are the close-up pics of Hot Toys Iron Man Mark I:

What are my thoughts of this excellent figure? It is absolutely detailed, it even looks like the real thing (in the movie) since the suit is complicated, movements can be restricted a bit.. pictures arent enough to describe this masterpiece.. a must own for Iron Man fan!! Can't wait to get my hands on Iron Man Mark II and Mark III!! Thankss for visiting!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Poor Packaging

Below is a sample of poor packaging done by a seller's brother (according to him) and look what had happened to be package..

I was really sad and shocked when i saw this the first time...

Received in such condition..??? Is this an act or what??

Imagine 10 boxes packaged without sort of safety cushion

All the boxes are pretty damaged and i found out all the mini character for the robo ones are missing? lost or stolen?
I am speechless, these arrived at the end of september. I bought it 3-5 day before it arrived and used EXPRESS POSTAGE! Sure is express.. but look at the condition.. good thing my Hot Toys arrived.. at least its keeping me happy... I don't know which party to blame.. this is my 2nd issue with postal services here.. last time even my psp was missing (FFVII:AC limited edition).. Only box and charger.. SO:

Item = Bullsh*t
Mood= ruined

FINAL VERDICT = NEVER BUY FROM UNRECOGNIZED SELLERS! and think twice of using local postage!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hot Toys Iron Man Mark I part 1

Hello.. today one of my September's Hot Toys purchases arrived safely from Hong Kong via our local post. it was quite fast.. about a week.. I won it off ebay seller abc-express at the price of 160 USD with free shipping... without wasting time here are pictures of my Hot Toys Iron Man Mark I:

nice packaging
bulletproof packaging as they say
Outer Casing imitating a wooden crate.. the quality is nice

i love the way they packaged it
I haven't opened it yet.. i have to find time to actually open and play with it... till part 2 then

Monday, October 12, 2009

SBS OP emoticon :D

Hi again! :D its me again! ^^ hehehe

Wana share something! :D My sister showed this to me actually. She found it at One Piece Wiki. Hehe! Try and guess which one piece character these emoticon are! xD


the answer are below ^^ Just highlight to know the answers (--,)v




*cough* let me explain!

- The first one is Luffy, coz hes throwing his elongated arms. So yea.

- The second one is Zorro is because, he has 3 swords next to him. And yea. the "zzz" indicate he sleeps alot xD

- The third one is Sanji, you can tell from his fringe. xD and how he's holding the cigarette. hehe

- The forth one is Nami, Coz, there's that berri sign (OP money). That's all i think..

-The fifth one is Usopp-kun, LOL. coz of the sling shot and his long nose! rotfl!

-Franky.... coz the sunglasses and side burns?

-Next one is Chopper, coz his cute horns! so cuuute!! ♥ ♥

-Robin... Coz how she clutches her hands together :D *that cross thing xD*

-The last one is Brook! coz, if you cancel out all the other Straw hat group member that will leave out... haha Im kidding. Coz of his big empty eye hole :P and how there a melody tune there. *indicate he's a singer/musician whatever*

*Fuh*! so yea. :D that's about it ^^ hope you enjoy that :D and no, i didnt make this. OF COURSE NOT :S im not that handal! hehe. Must be some japanese dude/girl~ idk. :D

(^^) that's all! :D xD


Sunday, October 11, 2009

New toys ! :D

Hi there! ^^ bought new toys! yay! *clap clap*

Ermm... I'm not K :D I'm K's affiliate! lol xD a.k.a. his gf ^^". haha. Hrm. I was walking my way to town, I've been living here for like 1 year! And i just realised they have a toy store here! How dense is that ? -_-; anyway. :D So i bought these babies. *slurp* haha




Megatron: "I..AM...MEGATRON! D:<" Sugei! Sugei!! xD

hehe, another thing that i found is this. 'Final Fantasy Trading Arts Vol.1 - Squall Leonhart'. I actually found this in a game store. :D there's also Yoshi(from Mario) and Rabbits (from Rayman Raving Rabbits). But... I'm broke! T-T; damn it!


So...squall it is! :D xD

-squall xD- (ignore all annoying objects behind tq xD)

So hot! lol

hehe that's all here!

Hope to buy more soon >.> damn it K! your fault! starting to like figurines too. (male ones. lol! ) xD