Thursday, November 25, 2010

Another Bento [Cat] :3

Another Bento released! lol! :P It's my friend's birthday two days ago. Finally had free time to make a bento for her. ^^ The theme is CATS! She soooo love cats. Even her email is like meowwww etc.

Enjoy the pictures :9~

"N N H" is her initials ^-^

^w^ left profile

right profile :9

Not to mention, a gift of course! since it's her birthday. (Actually she requested it..) It's a cat pouch amigurumi! ^-^ its different from the ones i make before. This one have feet!! haha I even put her initials at the back..

back profile ;D

Kitty guarding the bento box! lol XD

Ya, the inside~

That's all to share. :) I hope she likes it :3


Monday, November 22, 2010

Domo-kun Croquette + Sushi ;D

Hi! :D

This is what I did during my weekend... spending.. HOURS!! ..baking/cooking in the kitchen! Haha Jobless right :P

I made Domo-kun croquette! :D Croquette is basically fried food that contain mash potatoes with minced beef. Its kinda like "Begedel" But its coated with breadcrumbs :9~ I found a link that teaches you how to make domo-kun croquette. click HERE, for the link :3 Mine looks.. abit cacat.. Well. Its a start. :P


"EAT ME!!!" haha xD

I added extra ingredients into the croquette to make it tastier :9~


-Egg Yolk
-a bit of salt
-a bit of flour

1) Mash the potatoes and add butter (not so much)
2) Add milk and egg yolk, just a bit to make it to make it creamy and moisture
3) lastly put salt and flour, so that it thickens. But not so much, you want the it to have a moisture texture still. Not too liquid though!
4) Lastly just add the potato mixture with minced beef. Add parsley to make it look healthy. (haha)

Ya... :D The rest is sushi ^^ my housemates help too! thanks girls!! ^^

Not to mention, Chocolate fudge cake :9~ hahahaha totally jobless today. Really had a big dinner tonight. xD

Yummy chocolate saucee~~ MmmmM~~~`

that's about it ^-^

hope you enjoy the pictures~ yumyum! hehe

tata! *wave

Monday, November 15, 2010

Patapon 3 preview XD kya!

I just happen to saw this in Gamespot. It looks so wicked awesome!!! Kyaaa!! Look at video!!

Patapon Official E3 Trailer

Don't they look so cool, with all the new weapons/accessories equipped?? KYA!!

Even the front cover looks so cool... *hearts*

New weapons.

The gigantic patapon. LOL it looks so cute! XD

Multiplayer modes

Look at the horse and the equipments. AHHHH!! I want!!

The story in this game is a bit different from the previous game in patapon & 2.

"Upon completing the bridge they constructed at the end of Patapon 2 the Patapons find a mysterious box. Upon opening seven evil spirits are released and turn all the Patapons to stone except Hatapon. A silver Hoshipon from inside the box revives Hero as Superhero Patapon. They endeavor to defeat the evil spirits."

More like pandora box if u ask me.. :p

This game have so much to offer for. and the visuals looks awesome... @w@ But too bad its still isn't out yet. Please come out now!! I saw some preorders from
HMV at £17.99 and also from GAME but darn!! it's sold out!! except for HMV though.. it stated there it will be released on 29 April 2011.. T-T Mesti sabar..

Oh oh! and also i found this key-chain from ebay. It looks so cute right?? XD

Buy for me, K? ;) Pretty pleaseeeee. *batter eyelashes*. Lol!

that's all to share.

tata! ^^

Friday, November 12, 2010

Onigiri and Bento ;D

I found a new hobby!!! XDDD

hahhaha i found a new hobby other than making amigurumis! (crochet toys). And the good thing, its cute and its edible ;D hahaha I made these today. Well the onigiris last weekend. I just had to show! hehehe ^-^"

Panda Bento box! ;D

*blush* panda. I just added salamis on the cheek to show its blushing :D

Made onigiris too.. ^3^

these are the onigiris i made last weekend :D 4 onigiris plus a bunny! ya... the bunny was random. :P I had extra rice, so i decided to make ears on them XD

side profile... hehehe

I love making these... its so much fun and fulfilling... hehehe not to mention tasty :9 ! hahaha K! i finally know how to make bento! Nanti, when I go back to Brunei, I'll bring bento for you during ur lunch break! hehehe ^-^" i wish...!

the ingredients isnt much.. its just: Eggs, cheese, tuna, mayonnaise, Bread, seaweed, rice, sausage, salamis, crab sticks.. simple right? :P hehe

that's all! ^^