Sunday, September 26, 2010

Professor Layton: Mask of Miracles [3DS] announced xD

Hi :D

Look!!! XD *sakai*

Hehe! Who would've guessed that a 3DS Layton game would come out! XD i just mention a few days ago, how it'd be weird if there's a 3-D layton. haha. Well.. he's not "physically" 3-D. But the screens are, and the graphics look great! :D

This is the 5th game in the Professor Layton series. Lol the 4th game (Professor Layton: Specter's Flute) hasn't even come out yet [US/UK version] .. But I'm still anticipated about this game, hopefully it will have a good story line. So far..the plot doesn't sound all too interesting to me :P

"Professor Layton and Luke follow Jean Descole to the mysterious Casino City in search of the mask he wears. Casino City was created by the powers of the Mask of Miracle. The Mask of Miracle is known to grant the wishes of its wearer. Layton and Luke must uncover the truth about the Mask of Miracle."

Hrm.. okay. :P

Well, The 4th series tell the story of how Professor Layton and Luke met. That sounds pretty interesting right? This 5th series..hmm.. Hopefully there's a good twist from this game. :P

Here are some screenshots that I found from this site. Link

Mask of Miracles @w@

Look! layton's on a map. That never happen before XD

Looks great! :D

Doing this puzzles makes you feel alot smarter. :P That's why I love Professor Layton game XD Kira loves it too! hahaha

This game is still TBA. But I'm sure it'll come out round the same time, when 3DS consoles are released. Until then. We just have to wait patiently and stare at our laptop every single day waiting for more updates. O.O ...*stare* well that only applies to me. LOL

that's all tata!

K's ;)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tekken Tag Tournament 2... KYA! XD

I can't believe Tekken Tag 2 is coming out! It looks amazing! *hearts* Check link below! XD Still freaking out... kfkljfak!! XD

this is the screencaps i got from kotaku.

... er... ok. "Switch". Hahahahhaahahaha cute. xD

on the downside, its coming out in SUMMER 2011. And that's the JAPANESE version. Still TBA for US/UK. *sniff*

Also, I just checked. Tekken X Street Fighter. That's coming out 2 years later (2012). :'( why Namco, why! So long! T-T

liat pict saja la... *sia sia pun* lol

P/S: I've finished layton game already. XD Im awesome. Hehe! The storyline is so good, a must play. :) and tissue! :'(

that's all. Tata! :D

K's ;D

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Kingdom hearts: Birth by Sleep & Professor Layton: The Unwound Future.. KYAAA! XD

YAY! it's finally here! XD I asked my sister to pick up these. Thanks Kaka :'D Bought them from ETA ;D the price are surprisingly cheap! :D :D *bow to ETA* thank you so much! :D First time buying from ETA.. finally a member there.. well.. not under my name, since my sister's the one who sign it up for me.. But still got a membership card ;D now I will get $10 off for every purchase! Yay! isnt that sweet?? ;D

the pictures... Photobucket

Doesn't Layton look so cool????! XD He's my hero!
"consider this puzzle solved..." xD

And Kingdom Hearts, the booklet says, you can use 3 playable characters, Terra, Ventus, Aqua. I'm so targeting Terra. He resembles Axel somehow.. Mecha Mecha Kawaii~ lol xD But Sister's currently playing it right now. She won't let me play it! :'( *sabar sabar*

yea.... :D that's about it... a must buy from ETA! The professor layton only ONE left tu!!! go buy!!!! hehe. The Kingdom Hearts still banyak stock though..

Professor Layton Unwound Future: $55
Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep: $66

lol, saja promote..

And lastly....


Meet Heart & Slime!! ;D

I made them in the car while waiting to arrive at ppl's houses during raya. Finally finish sewing up, and ta-da :D the heart looks cacat though... T-T *sniff sniff I'll try again next time.


that's all to share. Ta-ta :D

oh oh! and just wana share one more thing again. They are making a 3DS Layton! LOL! XD Layton to the rescueee!! Professor Layton: The Mask of Miracle. Still TBA. I love nintendo..... and sony. :P hehe

K's ;D