Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hot Toys Terminator Salvation T-600 Concept Version

Hello again, I'm going to post yet another of my HT Terminator Salvation collectibles which is the T-600 Concept Version.. this particular version is originally designed by Martin Laing and it also appeared in the movie itself.. I really like this model because of the unique design and special base.. Malas kn ckp bnyk.. Enjoy the pics.. tambah nasi..

Front Cover

Back Cover

Mari kita buka.. liat dalam..

Nda sabar usulnya kn kluar dri kutak..

Nah.. sanang hatinya..

Wassup dawg! temeng t-600nya ani.. biasalah.. robot masani..

Very intricate details.. payah nyamu kn mendirikan ya ani.. malar gugur..

Kalau boleh ku gambar lgi pisuk2 ni..

The leg.. bnyk spring ni dalam badannya.. spring longgar..

baiktah dibalikan kasut baru.. koyak dh.. nampak jari kaki..

Shhh.. ya tidur time ani..

The machine gun.. this one differs from the normal version.. upgraded yo

The unique base.. ver thick.. around 3-5cm..

Adeh.. kambang ya sudah dipasangkan weaponnya atu..

"Minta tembak atau inda..."

Notice the left arm.. cnt be moved freely.. i think i hv to open the cloth around it since its
too tight..

Henshin!! salah.. Light up!

his pose for final attack..

Rubber mask..

baru rugged.. pakai copeng..

A beanie..

WHat do u think? rugged kan?


I had fun with this figure.. but movements can be limited.. and it doesnt stand that well(its a robot) heheh.. til then.. wait for my next post! thanks for watching..


  1. woah very killing looking
    are you planning get the T-800 too??

  2. Everything on this figure is nice but as for the display base, I prefer the T-600 rubber mask version.

  3. moemoekyun: yeap t-800! i love Arnie!

    deSMOnd: yea bro.. the stand of the rubber version is nicer but this one stands tall which i like about it :D