Thursday, February 4, 2010

Finally picked them up.

Hello there, its February already in the year of 2010 and i thought it was just 2009 yesterday.. time sure went fast until i finally got the time to pick my birthday gifts from my lovely girlfriend.. HT JC FB came first and wolverine took another week to arrive.. but i decided to wait for all of them to arrive and pick them altogether. here's some pictures of the unboxing.. and i realised i havent been doing part 2 of most of my figures, well let's say that i'm lazy and abit occupied hehe.. nevertheless, enjoy the pictures..

Front Box Cover

Back Box Cover

Side Box Cover

Inside Cover with details

radio set

Pistol with holster and some ammo clips

weapons set: HK416 with tactical red dot sight and
M203 grenade launcher with elastic sling

the unique base with t700 endo environment

HT True Type TTM08 caucasian for Joker DX!

My cleaned room (still messy)

I think that's all for today!!! Thanks for watching!!


  1. woah such a nice loots
    I like john conor display base buy prefer marcus for the figures lol >_>
    add one stuff for next loot new digital camera :D jk jk mate

  2. For Battle Damage version John Connor, display base and Hydrobot are the main attraction to me. Anyway, I didn't pick it up as to save for the coming Blade figure. I am a huge fan of Blade movie series.

  3. moemoekyun: haha thanks! i got the Marcus too! yes my digital camera is on its way here hahah

    desmond: yess it truly awesome since i dont have the normal version, yeap the blade figure sure is awesome and i am a hug fan too! Wesley Snipes ftw!