Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bunny key & kirby bag amigurumi :D

hi! :D K's gf here. ^^ its been awhile. i was soooooo bz with courseworks. it was hell tiring! But i finally finish with all my work this week ^^ its really a big LOAD off my shoulder. And to relieve my stress. I make dolls of course! xD haha


does this symbol look like a bunny? lol anyways~


Its a bunny...key! :D hahahaha okay. I confess. I actually dont have enough pink yarn to make the body so i use that 'key' as an excuse. It looks...alright...i guess... hehe i got inspired from my hair clip! xD

isn't this hair clip sooo cute??? xD *thumbs

more pictures below ^^

Lastly, this is a kirby bag :D Finally i make something that's useful! ..and cute of course xD I actually made this during easter, but never really had a chance to post here's my chance ;D haha its really simple...

wahh! Kirby's head is open!! looks creepy huh. haha

ta-da~ this is where i keep all my crochet necessities. ^^

yaa.. that's basically it xD thanks for watching.

Kira hasnt blog lately. Please persuade him to blog! LOL



  1. I think ur blog's super cute. added ur blog thru mine. Could u do the same for mine? Would love to keep in touch with u. ;-)P

  2. Lol thanks *thumbs ;D I dominate this blog for now.. Kira hasnt blog for a long time now. :p haha "for now". And already added. =D thanks for watching ^^