Monday, November 30, 2009

Just another lazy day..

Hello there.. I havent been opening up my toys yet but here are what i have collected today which are the last loot of my october buying..

MG 1/100 Exia Ignition Mode

Medicom RAH Kira Yagami

I'm going to Singapore in a week, hope to meet some of my friends there and of course, to check the toys shops! and I'm excited about the PG oo o Raiser, it'l be a nice project for the rest of my holiday in december!


  1. I will get Ryuk and L next month to complete the trio and not forgetting Misa too heheh. Nice blog there. I hope u dont mind me linking you ^^

  2. Thanks for linking me. I will look forward to your review on L and Misa!! :D

  3. Yeah, even this one I havent opened yet @.@